Case Studies and Victories

Settlement Reached in Medical Malpractice Case involving Midwife

The day of the birth of a child should be a joyous occasion.  But for some clients of ours it turned out to be the worst day in their lives.  The birthing process was going along normally.  The fetal heart monitor strip showed that neither child nor mother were in distress.  But, unfortunately for our clients, they happened to have… read more →

Arbitration Award Confirmed

Powers Taylor LLP was able to get a federal court judgment confirming an arbitration award in a shareholder dispute.  The dispute had arisen when the two equal owners of a technology business had reached a deadlock about the future direction of the company.  The two shareholders then agreed to go to arbitration to decide how the company could be split… read more →

Paper Shredder Amputation Settlement

The product defect lawyers at Powers Taylor have reached a confidential settlement with the manufacturer of a home paper shredder that caused the partial amputation of three fingers on a child’s hand.  The paper shredder, which was sold through a major office supply store through at least 2008, was defectively designed, because the shape and construction of the paper feed… read more →

Powers Taylor Obtains Life Insurance Benefits for Widow

Powers Taylor was able to secure the payment, in full, of a $160,000 life insurance policy after the insurer had denied coverage and claimed that the policy was voided by alleged misrepresentations on the application.  Powers Taylor was able to demonstrate that the disclosures were in fact accurate, and that the insurer was relying upon outdated and conclusory statements in… read more →

Default Judgment in Breach of Fiduciary Duty Case

Powers Taylor obtained a default judgment for $750,000 in a Collin County case, where the defendant had breached his fiduciary duties to a joint venture that operated vacuum trucks in the oil and gas business.  The defendant, who had served as the president of the corporation managing the joint venture, had formed a second corporation to divert profits from the… read more →

Negotiated Buy-Out in a Minority Shareholder Oppression Lawsuit

Powers Taylor recently completed the negotiations for the buy-out of a minority shareholder’s interest in an oil-field tool company.  The dispute had arisen after the majority shareholders fired the minority shareholder from his position as an officer of the company, and then systematically excluded him from the operations of the company.  Thereafter, the majority shareholders had conducted the business as… read more →

Settlement of Product Liability Case Involving a Home Paper Shredder

Powers Taylor recently settled a personal injury case where a three-year-old child had three fingers partially amputated in a home paper shredder.  The mother of the child was operating the paper shredder on the floor of her home office while the child was playing in the next room.  After the mother had fed some papers into the shredder, she turned… read more →

Slip And Fall Settlement – $50,000

We represented a woman who fell and injured herself when she slipped on a pool of water in a large retail store in the Dallas area.  Our client claimed that the water came from a leak in a fresh flower display at the front of the store.  The store initially denied any liability.  However, Powers Taylor uncovered evidence that the… read more →

Sidewalk Fall Outside of Popular Chain Restaurant – $40,000

Our client injured his knee when he tripped and fell on a tiled sidewalk outside of a popular chain restaurant in East Texas.  Even though the insurance company for the restaurant initially denied liability and refused to pay our client any compensation for his injuries, we took the case and aggressively pursued our client’s claims.  After filing a lawsuit, we… read more →

Defective Spa Treatment Injuries – Confidential Settlement

Our client visited a spa in the DFW Metroplex to get blemishes on her back treated before a social event.  After consultation with the spa, our client purchased the spa’s strongest treatment – an expensive skin peel therapy that was supposed to remove her skin blemishes and provide her with smooth and more glowing skin.  Unfortunately, everything went horribly wrong,… read more →

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