Commercial Collection Litigation

The attorneys at Powers Taylor provide aggressive representation for a variety of businesses, individuals, contractors, subcontractors, and maintenance companies involved in disputes over unpaid balances, commercial debts, and judicial judgments and arbitration awards in Texas.  Powers Taylor works hard to obtain the maximum recovery on each commercial debt, for each client, regardless of size.

Commercial Debt Collection.  The commercial collection attorneys at Powers Taylor have experience in many aspects of the commercial collection process, including restructuring debt through structured payment agreements, attachment of assets, and other business solutions.  Although judicial process is one of the many avenues available to our clients to pursue collection of a commercial debt, it is not always the first step in the debt collection process.  Litigation may not always be the best alternative, and there are a number of pre-litigation strategies that can be employed.  Powers Taylor advises clients on the best strategy to obtain the maximum recovery on each commercial collection matter and then aggressively execute that strategy.

Collection of Judgments and Arbitration Awards.  Obtaining a judgment or arbitration award is only the first step to victory – oftentimes collection of the judgment or award can be equally as challenging.  Powers Taylor’s judgment collection attorneys are well versed in various strategies to collect judgments and arbitration awards.  In addition, Powers Taylor has substantial experience in domesticating out of state judicial judgments and arbitration awards to continue collection efforts in Texas.

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